I was contracted to work for The Neonatal Trust (Wellington) to create collateral for their upcoming event, Baking For Babies (register to participate here). This is a charity event where participants bake goods to sell and raise funds to donate back to The Neonatal Trust which the funds are then used for neonatal baby research as well as looking after the parents of a neonatal baby (or babies).

What was needed for this event was a wide range of both digital and print assets (download them here).

Firstly there needed a logo that would fit in with the existing The Neonatal Trust “look” – family (and baby) friendly as well as using the company colour palette. Then there needed to be social media graphics to draw people in to participate, and later graphics for participants to use to celebrate themselves participating and raise awareness of the event so they are able to sell more baked goods. There then needed to be print assets for the bakers; fund forms (to fill out with bank account details etc), a participation certificate, bunting to decorate their stall or stand, allergy labels, pricing tags.

Credit to Hannah from Schickedanz for the family illustration.