I am the current digital media coordinator at the Greater Wellington Regional Council, which had lead to me doing a fair amount of graphic design. This has mostly been for social media graphics, for a holiday or a campaign that GWRC is running. I have also been a photographer and videographer at assorted events across the region.

In my time at GWRC, I grew the GWRC Facebook page from a following of 7,000 to 11,000 in the space of fourteen months. I also launched the Metlink Facebook page and grew it to 4,000 followers within ten months.

Below I have imagery from:

  • Mental Health Awareness Week October 2018

  • Safer Boating Week October 2018

  • Toxic algae Summer 2017/18

  • Toxic algae “myth busting” Summer 2017/18

  • [Assorted holiday imagery]